Western Wingshooting Guides


Grey Reef's Western Wingshooting Guides


ryan stefec bird hunting guideRyan Stefek comes to us from the great state of Montana where he guide's fly fishermen & hunters on the Big Horn River, Ryan has German Shorthairs, Brittany's, and one Irish Setter as his crew of 6 pointing dogs assists us each season for Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, and Chukar Hunts.  Ryan is an outstanding wild wingshooting guide, he understands birds and their day to day movements and how best to hunt them.  Ryan's motivation behind the wingshooting is the dog work, in particular his dog's and watching them learn and have increased success day in and day out.  Ryan's passion for good dog work and wild bird hunting is unsurpassed.  We have had the privilege of Ryan guiding for Grey Reef Western Wingshooting for over 5 years now and we look forward to his sense of humor each time he comes down to our lodge in Wyoming.

Andy Brust is is a Wyoming native and grew up living right here in Casper, WY.  Andy also runs German Shorthairs and Wirehaired Pointers.  Andy has the luxury of family members who own and operate a top shelf training kennel and his father runs many dogs in the National Field Trial arena.  Andy has taken this knowledge of how good pointing dogs work and transferred it to the field.  In the winter Andy spends time working on Taxidermy and hand Tying Flies for his fly fishing guide season.  When Andy isn't guiding or hunting for himself he is spending time with his wife and two children.  Andy is a very successful guide but humble about it.  Andy's hard work and talent for finding birds and big fish is a very valuable asset.

Andy displays a nice Grey Reef Brown Trout

 Upland/Waterfowl Guide 

Danny Upton: Danny is from eastern Colorado and guides Upland & Waterfowl for us.  Danny is 23 yrs old but has been guiding since he was 18yrs old.  Danny brings great attitude and knowledge to his days in the field, Danny makes every effort to make sure your having a great trip.  In the off season Danny trains Dogs, guides Turkey hunters, and hangs out with his team of German Shorthairs and English Pointers.  Danny Upton has more experience at a young age than most guides working elsewhere.  A hard worker and someone who pays close attention to detail, we are very happy to have Danny Upton on our team!  You can request Danny for any of our Upland/ Waterfowl/ or Spring Snow Goose Hunts we offer.


Yancy Perkins comes to us from the state of Florida where he cut his teeth guiding salt water fly fishermen and chasing down wild quail.  Yancy might be one of the funniest dudes we know.  Yancy and his dog Bliss can be found in the summer months guiding fly fishermen on the Snake River outside Jackson Hole, WY.  Yancy is a full time guide and a real outdoor enthusiast, when he isn't guiding then he is fishing or hunting period.  Yancy's passion to teach people to fish and put guys on birds makes him a pure joy to be around, you could say "he gets it".

 Yancy pictured with dog "Bliss"

jason ostrander owner grey reef western wingshootingJason Ostrander owner of Grey Reef Wingshooting has been guiding for over 14years, his first guide work was in northern Colorado for Old Glendevey Ranch guiding elk hunters.  Jason guided next for Bret VanRennselaer at the the Rockin 7 Ranch, and North Platte Lodge.  In 2009 Jason opened Grey Reef Anglers and Wingshooting and now guides year round for both upland birds, waterfowl, and fly fishing in several states.  Guiding and family life go hand in hand for Jason and when he isn't guiding he is scouting new properties or relaxing with his wife Judi and four girls, Brook, Autumn, Reese, and Leah.  

Jason runs German Shorthaired Pointers and has a good mix of vets and young dogs that are up and coming.  His passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm to see his clients have success is what pushes his efforts toward providing the best and most diverse wingshooting package in North America.  Jason has guided International hunters from places like Spain, France, Turkey, and New Zealand to name a few.  These International wingshooting clients have enjoyed success on Sage Grouse, Blue Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Chukar Partridge, Sharptailed Grouse and Pheasant.

In addition to guiding fishermen and Upland Bird Hunters Jason takes his winters and early spring time to guide waterfowl hunters, his favorite is guiding for Snow Geese in the spring.

" Although outfitting is very hard work I feel very blessed to be surrounded by some of the best people I have ever met, my guides and the clients we serve truly make this life of outfitting fun and interesting."