Kansas Waterfowl Hunting

Our Kansas Goose Hunts offer the waterfowl hunter the opportunity to book a hunt for multiple species of geese including Specklebelly Geese, Canada Geese, Ross Geese, Snow's and Blue's.  This is one of the biggest reasons we love to hunt Kansas, because we are able to set up each day with decoys out for both dark geese and light geese.  Kansas also boasts some impressive daily bag limits that include up to 6 Canada geese, 2 Specklebelly Geese, and 50 Snow Geese/day.  For either the avid waterfowler or just a first time goose hunter our late winter spring Kansas goose hunts are action packed.

Overview of Kansas Goose Hunting Day
Grey Reef Wingshooting owner Jason Ostrander will meet clients the day before they start their hunt, have a meet and greet time, and go over a place and time to meet in the morning for your goose hunt.  When you arrive the next morning your guide will have already scouted and placed hundreds if not thousands of decoys in a particular grain field the birds were using the day before.  Your guide will show you your individual heated-layout blind and get you comfortable.  Your guide also will go over with you your shooting lanes and where to expect birds to arrive from, direction, and time. 

On warmer weather days we will hunt from first light to around 11am, take a lunch break and start hunting again from 3pm to end of shooting time.  On colder days we will hunt our clients all day as birds are moving from field to field and tend to not take a mid day break.  Of coarse the day also ends if limits are reached early.  It is not uncommon to limit out on dark geese early but with a 50/snow goose per day per person limit the afternoon shooting is typically for Snow's, Blues, and Ross Geese.  Call Jason at 307-267-2559 for more details on our Kansas Waterfowl Hunts.

Grey Reef Wingshooting Scouting & Decoys
What goes on behind the scenes of a well rounded snow goose hunting outfitter is scouting, scouting, and yes more scouting.  Fortunately we hunt an area that holds a tremendous amount of waterfowl and finding the geese isn't a problem, however a lot of windshield time is spent prior to each hunt making sure your being set up in the best spot/grain field/pond, possible, ensuring the best opportunity for success.  After we find the X we will look at the weather incoming, wind, and come up with a good game plan for where to set up the decoys and how we want our gunners positioned.  Using enclosed cargo trailers we then unload what is often a mountain of equipment including, full body decoys, heated layout blinds, Sillosock decoys, Votex machines, flapping wing decoys, multiple electric calls, and enough car batteries to run it all.  All this prep work will take a guide by himself about 6-8hrs to set up, with help the time is cut down to just about 2hrs.  We write these details down so our customers get a glimpse of the work involved to set up a successful snow goose/dark goose hunt.  The best part is you as the customer get to simply show up and get into your heated blind and enjoy the hunting day!

Rates: Waterfowl Hunting Day Trips: $175/person for 4 or more people, $200/person for 3 people , $225/person for 2 people , $350/singles

Kansas Lodging: West Lake Inn-Downs, KS / The Fin and Feather Lodge Glen Elder, KS / Glen Elder Castle Lodge Glen Elder, KS


Windshield time scouting a Kansas winter wheat field for late winter Snow Geese and Speck's, we hunted this field the next two days and did very well.