Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting

Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting

Nebraska Duck & Goose Hunting

The state of Nebraska is a major choke point in the central flyway and Grey Reef Wingshooting offers the opportunity to hunt very large concentrations of Ducks, Snow Geese, Ross Geese, White Fronted(Specklebelly) Geese, and Canada Geese.  Some of these hunts take place in heated pit blinds that are dry comfortable and warm during harsh weather.  When birds are not on the pit blinds we hunt out of portable heated layout blinds in various grain fields and marshes.

Hunting Nebraska is a wonderful experience because you have so many varieties of waterfowl in the areas we hunt.  One of the reasons Nebraska is so good is because of the Rainwater Basin Refuges that house millions of birds each season.  Grey Reef Wingshooting offers hunts in and along the North Platte River Drainage and also in the southern portion of Nebraska.


Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Our Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts start as early as late February and we operate in Nebraska until Mid to late March depending on weather and migration movements.  We hunt staged geese coming off of large bodies of water, huge concentrations of Snows, Blues, and Ross Geese accumulate on these reservoirs and we hunt on the morning and evening flights of birds coming off the water to feed each day in the grain fields.  On warm days you will experience a flight of staged geese in the morning, after shooting those birds you will get a mid day flight of migrating geese, then the afternoon flight of snows will begin and round out the hunt in the evening. 

Waterfowl Hunting Day Trips: $175/person for 4 or more people, $200/person for 3 people , $225/person for 2 people , $350/singles

Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting Lodging: Pleasant View Lodge overlooks Lake McConaughy or Lodging in Ogallala, Nebraska hotels and motels.