South Dakota Waterfowl Hunting

South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts

South Dakota presents a different hunt for snows than does our Nebraska or Kansas Hunts.  Our South Dakota hunting is primarily focused on hunting migrating snows that are pushing hard northward.  Although the weather can stop the migration and create a staged scenario we typically are hunting warm days that consist of decoying snow geese that are migrating hard and fast!  This can translate to some of the best hunting of the entire season but it doesn't last very long at all, by the time the snows hit South Dakota they are generally moving very quickly unless they get held up by a late spring cold snap.  Our crew of guides are typically moving spreads of decoys every two days or so to keep ahead of the bulk of the migration and to keep you in the best location for bird numbers.  Grey Reef Wingshooting 2014 Spring South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts from March 25th until April 25th.

Waterfowl Hunting Day Trips: $175/person for 4 or more people, $200/person for 3 people , $225/person for 2 people , $350/singles

Sheet-water & Mud
Be prepared for some wetter conditions in South Dakota as the fields tend to have sheet water in them and the mud is for real!  Grey Reef Wingshooting has great 4wheelers for dealing with transportation to and from the blinds but having good water proof boots is a must.  Also a good idea to bring sun-glasses and plenty of shells.  This photo below is what the real view looks like when hunting snow geese from a layout or ground blind, sunglasses cut down the glare when staring straight up into the eye of the snow geese.