Wyoming Waterfowl Hunting

Wyoming's Giant Canada Geese over Corn

Giant Canada Goose Hunts out of heated pit blinds are the real draw for young and veteran hunters alike and are the most popular with our hunters  Our pit blinds hold up to 5 hunters plus your guide and dogs.  

These Wyoming Goose Hunts are offered on a limited basis from Dec.1 to Feb. 15 and can be combined with any of our Upland Bird Hunts or other Waterfowl Hunts in other states. Go to our Giant Canada Goose Hunts Page for season dates and limits.


 Field Hunting for Mallards & Canada Geese

Wyoming Duck Hunting is also limited to certain areas and isn't necessarily a statewide opportunity.  However within certain areas the Duck hunting especially on the North Platte River and Big Horn Rivers are fantastic.  We also offer limited field hunts for Mallards over corn when the conditions are favorable.  Wyoming operates on a split duck season, click to our Duck Hunts Page for season dates and limits.  Wyoming waterfowl hunting is limited to very small areas but when conditions are good the hunting can be excellent.

Waterfowl Hunting Day Trips: $175/person for 4 or more people, $200/person for 3 people , $225/person for 2 people , $350/singles