Upland Bird Hunts

Sage Grouse Hunting

Picture yourself on an exciting Wyoming Sage Grouse hunt, walking up with a steady dog on point and busting a covey of huge sage grouse. 

Sharp Tailed Grouse Hunts

Sharp Tail Grouse another native game bird to Wyoming is hunted in wheat stubble and open grasslands.  Sharp Tail Grouse hunts are offered in combination with other bird hunts.

Blue Grouse Hunts

Blue Grouse hunts are arguably the most unique hunt we offer because of the diversity of their habitat. Blue Grouse inhabit high alpine mountain areas.

Wild Chukar Partridge Hunting

Wild Chukar Partridge are extremely fun to hunt because they tend to run first and fly second.  Canyon lands and steep terrain are the norm for this hunt.

Wild Hungarian Partridge Hunting

Wild Huns might be the most enjoyable bird hunt we offer due to their intelligence, crafty nature, and large covey size (15-20). 

Pheasant Hunting

Hunting Pheasants with Grey Reef Wingshooting in Wyoming is action packed and can be either all wild birds or a mix of preserve and wild birds.

Cast & Blast

Cast and Blast trips are a fly fishing and bird hunting trip with as much fun as possible packed into one day.  An early morning bird hunt and an afternoon of fly fishing.